About Mccoy Barber College

MBC The Cutting Edge in Hair Care Training. The McCoy Barber-Styling College owned and operated by a family of professionals for 50 years. A tradition of professional pride for the art of cutting and caring for the hair and face has been passed from father and mother to daughter, son and grandson. Licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations. McCoy Barber-Styling College has been preparing students for over 60 years. McCoy has been owned and operated by the Rideau Family since 1965. We have worked to maintain the highest standards in barber-styling training. We are dedicated to providing the opportunity for an education to acquire the skills necessary to enter the challenging career of barber-styling. The Rideau family, along with school staff, supervises the instruction of it’s students, endeavoring to give it’s students the cutting edge in hairstyle training; which has produced award winning students and alumni.

Purpose and Goals

We provide the education and training to all interested applicants, with a high school diploma, who have the ability to be trained and educated in the techniques, skills and art for the barber-styling industry. We develop a positive professional attitude for a successful career and personal growth. We provide the instruction to enable students to qualify to become licensed Barber-Stylists, and become productive professionals. We continue to grow to meet the needs of our students and community.

Educational Staff

Bernadine Rideau | Andre Rideau | Pam Murphy | Kecia Pointer
Registrar: Jozel Owens
Consultants: Kobie Jai Robinson | Ernest Daurham | Albert Perry